Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese MedicineAcupuncture, Bodywork, Herbal Medicine

What: Treatments for chronic pain, mental health, and other chronic conditions
Where: Ashland, OR, San Francisco, CA, and Zoom/video.
Why: Balancing the forces within you relieve pain, anxiety, and build strength towards a greater sense of wellbeing.

Balancing the Mind and Body

Health and healing are a natural process in the body.
Our bodies are whole, dynamic ecosystems. When the landscape becomes imbalanced, pain and disease result.
Our lifestyles (attitudes, thoughts, actions, habits and habitat) have a huge effect on our bodies' ability to naturally heal. As modern people, we tend to work hard, play hard, have stressful lives and obligations, and think (thinkthinkthink) way too much about it all.
We also live in a world of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, opportunistic bacteria and viruses.
Under these conditions, the dynamic flow of our bodies' natural healing intelligence can get blocked, damaged, or interrupted, leading to a weakening of the overall system.
This blockage is at the root of most, if not all, disease processes in the body.
Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to diagnose this blockage and utilizes safe and natural means to unblock our qi ("chee," our life giving force) and keep it flowing smoothly.
Understanding the dis-ease process holistically allows us to treat you at a profound level - the root.
Natural and gentle treatments help you to regain a state of balance.
Acupuncture adjusts the flow of energy (qi or "chee") in your body, leading to improved energy, circulation, and relief from pain.
Chinese herbal medicine can produce powerful physiologic changes in the body, leading to a stronger, better nourished body and mind.
Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) is used to open and mobilize joints, structurally rebalance the body, and invigorate and unblock energy.
Somatic Acupuncture takes it one step deeper, to synchronize your mind and body in order to release mental and emotional blockages that have become physical and are often found at the root of imbalance.
Awakened Leadership Coaching helps you understand how you think and approach situations. Paying close attention to how you think and then bringing yourself into the present moment helps to keep you "in your body" and able to handle challenging situations.
With proper diagnosis and treatment, a return to balance is achieved and you feel better. It's that simple.