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FREE Meditation Workshop for Companies

Learn about the benefits of mindfulness practices at work and how to implement them.
Increase engagement, creativity, and productivity by doing ... nothing.
This sought-after workshop is still FREE!

"I am going through your 7 day meditation again. It is so powerful. Thank you so much.."

Judith M.

"Thank you for your meditations I’m really enjoying them! Its reminding me of the 30 day meditation I did online with Deepak …good to connect into this."

Linda G.

"That was so great, thank you! The way you explain things is refreshing and easy to follow.

James R.

A Free Workshop for Company Executives

There is so much to say about meditation and mindfulness practices at work. You've probably read about and perhaps even tried it.
But there's nothing like experiencing meditation with your colleagues at the direction of a true healer, teacher, and coach.
Meditation, and the mindfulness practices that come from it, is not just about quieting the mind and finding some peace. It is more fundamentally about training the nervous system to be more resilient.
When we learn how to manage our own stress response, we can move away from automatic (often old and outdated) responses to stressful events and choose the appropriate response to the situation at hand.
As we become more sophisticated in handling the fast-paced, stressful environment of work, we can show up as the leaders that we are meant to be.
When we meditate and practice mindfulness at work, we learn to access what's deep within us to move forward with increased confidence, creativity, and joy.
As leaders, when our nervous systems are optimized, our team can literally feel it and resonate with it… leading to a work environment that is based on clear thinking and decision-making.
Meditation is the tool that can adjust our nervous systems. It allows us to let go in the moment and embrace uncertainty. We become more resilient in the face of ever-changing circumstances.
The world and our work are in a constant - and ever increasing - state of change.
We can change with it.

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