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"I am going through your 7 day meditation again. It is so powerful. Thank you so much.."

Judith M.

"Thank you for your meditations I’m really enjoying them! Its reminding me of the 30 day meditation I did online with Deepak …good to connect into this."

Linda G.

"That was so great, thank you! The way you explain things is refreshing and easy to follow.

James R.

A Free Workshop for Your Team

The good news is that meditation:◎ Balances the Autonomic Nervous System, unhooking the stress response.◎ Improves memory and focus.◎ Builds stamina◎ Increases blood circulation in the brain.◎ Slows down aging in the brain.◎ Boosts mood.◎ Relaxes the Default Mode Network in the brain... helps quiet the "monkey mind."◎ Enhances creativity.
And so much more.
Of course, there's the small bit that nobody likes to talk about.

The bad news is that meditation is difficult.
Your ego wants nothing to do with it. So it yells at you with louder and more intrusive thoughts to get you to solve more problems.
That's why training helps.
If you've ever had a tough time meditating, then daily short meditations that teach you how to deal with the obstacles are vital.
Once you start the habit ... and especially if you keep up the habit ... you'll soon discover the power and practicality of meditation.
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