How to Get Back on Track in 2020

Life Can Feel Out of Control

We are living through a time of unprecedented change. We're asked to work harder in all aspects of our lives just to keep pace.So we begin to let go of what's most important ...Our health. Happiness. Fulfillment. Work asks for full attention. The unbelievable state of the world has us shaken and drained with a constant hum of fear in the background. We work harder than ever and spend less and less time with community, friends, and family. The climate is changing faster than we can adjust. Our politics are bananas… and a bit frightening. And we’re overloaded with more information than we can handle.This is all quite disorienting.
Something Waiting to Emerge We all feel it on some level. An unease permeates our minds and bodies. We seek comfort and pleasure to mollify the disquiet and subtle pain inside. We're so wound up that we can barely even relax and rest.
We don’t know what to do to make things better … and so we self-medicate - food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment. We can easily drop into a state of malaise or depression. As we go downward, old, unconscious ways of being take over leaving us feeling stuck … not knowing what to do.
But, there’s also something else inside. Something within us that wants to come out and do something... do the right thing. It's a familiar longing that we have to feel connected, be seen, embraced, and a part of the world. Sometimes we embrace it, but oftentimes we suppress it.
We all share a common, often pent-up desire to contribute... to help. We yearn for connection, yet we don’t know how to engage. Our lives feel so busy and overwhelming that we just have to get through the day most of the time.
Reorienting 2020
The upcoming New Year is an opportunity to reorient yourself towards YOU. Take a deep breath, make some changes in your life, and gain a sense of clarity about what to do next and how to do it. When you gain a strong sense of self and purpose, what to do about the world will become clearer.
When you commit to doable, manageable changes in your own life, you can promote a greater sense of control, reduce anxiety, and allow for a clearer picture to emerge about your role in this changing world.
Reorienting 2020 is a program that will reorient, reorder, and reinspire you towards greater clarity, power, and purpose in the coming year. It's about getting back on track; taking control of what you can and gaining a foothold to something greater, bolder, and more fulfilling.
It will be a commitment of approximately six weeks. A doable resolution that will take you through the resistance that tanks most resolutions. You will receive direction, encouragement, treatment, and counseling - the unique blend of mind-body-spirit medicine that will update your system to optimize your energy. When completed, you will feel more confident and strong in your body, clearer in your mind, and feeling like you're back on track to be fully engaged in your life.
Here are some of the aspects of the program that will bring you back to you.
Food as Medicine: Heal your relationship with food. Get off the rollercoaster of ups and downs and feeling like you're either at the mercy of food or simply always eating or thinking about it. Find your source of consistent, dependable energy. Get to your optimal weight, sleep better, and cut down on cravings.
Ritual & Exercise: Gently impose order on your days by engaging in a daily practice. This will help soothe your nervous system, strengthen your body, and provide a sacred space to reflect on what's important now.
Mind-Body Awareness: Incorporate powerful mind-body tools that will help reorient your mind towards presence and away from endless chatter. As you become focused, accepting, and allowing you to be you, your body will relax and engage your natural healing mechanisms.
Treatment: With acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other supplements (specifically for you), you will orient your Qi flow through your body, resulting in greater physical health, clarity of mind, and expanded awareness.
Pulling Thorns: Finally, as you strengthen and hone your systems, you can dig deeper into the unconscious mind that runs your life and release old ideas, traumas, and ancestral fears that continue to show up again and again in your life. You can become the change that you want to see in the world.
These are the building blocks of transformation. I'm committed to them personally as they provide me with an orientation towards life that enables the great force of life to be expressed through me.
I look forward to sharing them with you.