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7 Day Meditation Training

Daily instruction and guided meditations.

❖ 5 to 10 minutes per day
❖ Strengthen your nervous system, build resilience
❖ Clear your mind from fears & distractions
❖ Adopt the habit of Awakened Leaders

It's FREE (for now)


Meditation is a fundamental tool for greater self-awareness. A regular practice creates a foundation to be able to explore deeper aspects of who we are and why we do what we do.
Without meditation, most of us are run amok by our thoughts … which are constantly engaging us in problem solving.
There’s nothing wrong with problem solving, as it’s required in every job or every task that we engage in. However, there are moments when we are asked to step back and take a look at a situation with greater clarity.
When we train our minds through meditation, we become able to switch from problem-solving to mindful attention with the agility of an athlete.
Meditation slowly but surely improves our lives in so many ways.

The good news is that meditation:◎ Balances the Autonomic Nervous System, unhooking the stress response.◎ Improves memory and focus.◎ Builds stamina◎ Increases blood circulation in the brain.◎ Slows down aging in the brain.◎ Boosts mood.◎ Relaxes the Default Mode Network in the brain... helps quiet the "monkey mind."◎ Enhances creativity.
And so much more.
Of course, there's the small bit that nobody likes to talk about.

The bad news is that meditation is difficult.
Your ego wants nothing to do with it. So it yells at you with louder and more intrusive thoughts to get you to solve more problems.
That's why training helps.
If you've ever had a tough time meditating, then daily short meditations that teach you how to deal with the obstacles are vital.
Once you start the habit ... and especially if you keep up the habit ... you'll soon discover the power and practicality of meditation.
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