Jeremy RothenbergCoach, Healer, Guide to the Perplexed

I have spent over 30 years investigating who we are and how we work. I’ve tested everything from substances, diets, physical therapies, cognitive therapies, and belief systems - some practical and others fanciful.
What I found is while external treatments and remedies are useful - and often necessary - the solution to our challenges has been, and always will be right here, within us.
In our nervous systems. In our hearts. Deep within the mystery of who we are.
In my youth, I studied how we communicate - how we make meaning. I learned that meaning is constructed (made up). We make meaning as individuals, communities, organizations, societies, cultures.
I studied psychology, religion, and mysticism in order to learn about how our consciousness is mapped and programmed. I discovered that we are unconsciously creating our world according to family, ancestral, and cultural stories.
Along the way, I spent over a decade helping startups and tech companies design and develop interactive products. This work was stimulating and rewarding, but also demanding and draining. Something always tugged at me, beckoned me, to look deeper.
I was being asked to balance the burning need to answer the question of who I was and what I was alive to do with the game of life, making money, and trying to fit into the role of a product manager, producer, designer.
It would take me another decade to realize that we spend so much time and money developing products and services for other people.
But the product we're really developing is us.
One day, while I was testing software I felt my heart skipping beats. My father had recently had cardiac bypass surgery and I began to worry that maybe my heart wasn’t working so well. In that instant, I heard an inner voice shouting at me that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do.
This unleashed a series of terrifying panic attacks that felt like my very existence was threatened. I was going to die without finding my purpose in life. My body was speaking to me.
After some very unpleasant weeks of pulling off the road because I couldn’t drive, desperately waiting for the train doors to open because the walls were closing in on me, or feeling like I was going to pass out in a meeting I was running, I met an energy healer. After one session in which, among other things, he chanted into my back, I felt at peace.
I decided in that moment that I needed to understand - and learn - what he did.
I went on to pursue energy and bodywork certifications and a Masters in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to become a licensed physician. I discovered a system of natural medicine that has the capacity to completely transform the our bodies and minds.
For the past 15 years, I have seen magic happen with my own clients and patients as they unravelled layers of protection and programming that has kept them in unwanted, uncomfortable, painful and diseased states. I’ve seen them release tension and emotion in their bodies that have blocked their natural vitality. I’ve seen the transformation of human after human to a higher level of bodymind functioning.
It has become crystal clear that the most powerful work we can do in this world is to release what has a hold on us. Once free, we can put our clarity and energy towards what we feel is most important in our lives and our work. It’s here where we find our life-work purpose.
It is my deepest honor to share this wisdom with you.